We recently announced that we are removing the option to create new subscriptions in order to store even less data about our users.

This means that we no longer accept NEW PayPal and Credit card subscriptions (recurring payments). One-time payments are not affected.

Learn more on our blog: mullvad.net/blog/2022/6/20/wer

I've been playing way to much Rim World...

But my people need me 🥹

to anyone who's thinking about buying github copilot:

just be warned that it may have been trained on code i wrote

Damn. Local storage (w/ replication of course) is way faster for my mastodon's postgres.

The Wikimedia Foundation, which owns Wikipedia, has filed an appeal against a Moscow court decision demanding that it remove information related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, arguing that people have a right to know the facts of the war.


@molly0xfff Love your birdsite acct! Great to see you on the Fediverse!

We can't have these kids studying from home over the internet, you know, because that would be dangerous and traumatizing.

Wow, that was the smoothest mastodon update I have ever done. Love me some ansible!

Want an example of where Fedora Silverblue 36 trumps the usability of macOS? See the gorgeous new screenshot feature (part of GNOME 42).

1. What do you press to take a screenshot on a Mac? I keep forgetting the silly combination… On my machine, it’s the Print Screen button.

2. The screenshot feature is entirely intuitive with no hidden functionality; it remembers your choices and lets you record stills or videos.


#usability #design #fedora #fedoraSilverblue #gnome #macOS #linux

PineNote work is going great! Working on a C++ library to interact with the pen and fast display modes

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